NOIR© creates with the TrueDepth camera system a depth illusion in 3D on your device. The access to your device´s TrueDepth camera is required to make it work.


The accessibility can be turned ON or OFF from your device´s settings. The TrueDepth data and the camera images are related to the movement of your head and your device. This data and informations are only used for creating the correct view and depth of the geometrical objects and elements in the arcade game NOIR©.

During the use of this Application the TrueDepth data is only for the duration of a single rendered frame stored in your device. One frame is in about 1/60th of a second completely rendered. 


The face data only remains on your device during your session and will never be shared in no form with any third parties. The face data is automatically after every session discarded.

Thanks for using NOIR© !

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